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2.Elämä Design


We design and make jewelries, accessories, home decorations and daily life items with recycled materials in Finland. “2.Elämä” means “the second life” in Finnish. Our design creates a second life for abandoned materials, and advocates a second chance for everything and everyone!




The mission of 2.Elämä Design is to advocate innovative and sustainable design with contemporary aesthetics and social responsibility.


Company Overview


We are a Finnish company promoting ecological lifestyle through our design and products solely made with recycled materials. Our production includes jewelries 

and accessories made with rubber from used tires of bicycles and vehicles, home decoration made with used computer parts, fair carpets etc.


All of our products are handcrafted in the greater Helsinki area of Finland. Our innovative design starts from finding the beauty of materials themselves, trying to utilize the materials’ own characters to create new formation. We don’t use any extra adhesives and heavy machinery in the process of production. Our products could be easily recycled again.


We believe that individual consuming habit could affect environment tremendously. By producing high quality goods with the waste, we want to share our philosophy of sustainable lifestyle with worldwide consumers. 


2.Elämä Design is the brainchild of Helsinki based designers Jaime De Vizcaya and Yuan Long. The artistic couple both holds a Master of Arts degree from Aalto University, Helsinki. Vizcaya worked five years at Aarikka Oy, a leading Finnish design products manufacturer, as a jewelry and product designer. He taught sustainable design as the program director at Shanghai Donghua University for three years. Long, who is a well-trained ceramist, studied jewelry design in the USA. Both of them have been focusing their study and work on sustainable design for many years. Their own rich cultural backgrounds combined with Finnish design education and work experience have inspired them greatly in creating 2.Elämä Design products. 



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