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As a design company we always ask ourselves if our designs are really contributing to this world. Are we creating solutions or problems? How can we play our roles positively for the environment? That is why we choose to give a second life (2.Elämä) to discarded materials. Especially for the materials which big industries consume a lot and are difficult or expensive to recycle.


2.Elämä Design provides services on customized B to B gifts, campaign gifts, brand identity promotional items, special service planning based on our sustainable ideology. We analyze and study each specific case which involves a well understanding of our clients business, carefully selecting on our client’s disposed material, recreating useful and functional items which represents an Eco image of our clients.


All our production is based in Finland by using ecological methods.


If you happen to have materials that require constant dispose, and at same time you’d like to have unique items which presents sustainable value of your company, or to impress your business partners or clients with a story behind. Contact us!




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